I really did enjoy the course. The course material was perfect. The instructions on how to go through the material is very well layed out. It was also easy to understand.
I have gone through the course material several times and I intend to carry on going through it.
I enjoyed the live session with Irene. She is such a wonderful lady and she has such a beautiful nature. I had fun doing the practical and I loved the energy in Irene’s studio.
I had an amazing energy shift with the attunements as well.
I will definitely be booking my level 2 shortly as I intend to take my healing journey further so that I can help others too.

Amantha H, Reiki 1, 25 May 2021

I had a reiki session two days ago with Irene, as I think we could all do with some self-care right now. Our session was online, and after having reiki previously with Irene in the studio I was unsure if it would still have the same effect online. Boy was I wrong to be concerned! It was just as refreshing and as relaxing as being in the studio was and it certainly did not stop Irene from being able to read me! Irene is an incredibly talented woman and she has some amazing abilities. She is kind, sweet and quite frankly, you feel blessed just being in her warm presence. Throughout the duration of the session, I could feel twitching everywhere which slowly started to soften as the session went on. I could feel if she tugged at a knot, which is crazy right! It felt like the negativity was being pulled from me, and her reading abilities are dead on the mark (and have been for me personally in every session). If you are feeling like you are being weighed down, or that your body needs the nurturing it so deserves then Reiki is for you! Thank you so much Irene!

India R, Online Treatment, 2 February 2021

Thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki healing session. Your insight and intuition is tremendous. The session was relaxing and healing. I felt an emotional purge following the session and a few hours later my body was exhausted - a sign of the healing taking place on so many levels.
The session was conducted over Zoom, which in no way detracted from its effectiveness. Quite possibly it enhanced it for me, as I am an empath and therefore always affected by people in close proximity to me.
I am very much looking forward to doing my Reiki 2 with you.

Nicole H, Online Treatment, 6 November 2020

Thank you so, so much for such a wonderful day yesterday, I learned so much - the whole day was truly magical!✨

Holly C, Reiki 2, 18 October 2020

Thank you for your wonderful Reiki 1 refresher last Sunday. You created such a safe container for us all to be seen and heard and practice our new “skills”. You are a wonderful teacher, explaining everything clearly and colourfully. The time just flew by as it did in March pre lockdown when I first trained with you. I love Reiki and cannot thank you enough for all that you have taught me thus far and cannot wait to tap in further to your wisdom, stories and beautiful energy for Reiki 2 in November.

Joanne, Reiki refresher course, 16 August 2020

Excellent, very detailed content. I liked how we were given an understanding of the history of Reiki as well as other lineages. I was actually amazed how much we fitted in the 2 days, and think we achieved more because of the preparation we had to put in beforehand. I thought the materials were excellent. I liked how the material was presented in a number of ways to suit different learning styles. It really helped me to get to grips with the content.
Irene Forsyth is an excellent teacher. She delivered the course in a friendly and open manner. It was however rigorous and she pushed us to fulfil our potential and work beyond our expectations, especially with regard to intuition. There were many opportunities to get actual practice or working with energy with regard to Reiki Mastership and then to discuss our experiences. Irene really helped me to improve my levels of confidence

Louise, March 2019

I attended the Reiki 1 course in York yesterday, delivered by Irene Forsyth. The course content was in depth, but explained and taught so clearly by Irene, who is the most attentive and caring teacher. The group was small (4 students), and we very soon bonded to make an excellent team for the day. The pre-course materials prepared students well for the day, were accessible to all learners, and were of a good quality. The course exceeded my expectations, which I feel is down to Irene’s ability as a teacher, together with her incredible knowledge of, and expertise with, Reiki. Everything made complete sense. I left feeling fully connected to Reiki and having made some lovely new friends. Thank you.

Adele, September 2017

I had a lovely day at The Zentist in York. Irene was absolutely lovely. I confused her at first, as she wasn’t expecting me, but she made me feel so welcome and a part of the group. I found the day really calm and relaxing, and it had definitely helped having the book and CDs beforehand, as I had some prior knowledge. I got various sensations from the empowerments - butterflies in my stomach, very cold feet, hot hands and more. I am pleased I chose to go to a live group (and lucky there is one in the area) as I could see the hand positions correctly and also enjoyed seeing and hearing the experiences of other people. The day met all my expectations and more and I am looking forward to doing Reiki 2 with Irene in the near future. I am not on Facebook, so can’t write a comment on there or join the group, but I will be subscribing to the newsletter.

Judy, June 2017

Irene thank you for such a wonderful day today. I feel I have learnt so much and although I’m only at the start of my spiritual journey I feel so excited! The group was so inspiring and I loved listening to their experiences. You are truly one of the calmest and soothing people I have met. Thank you for the lovely vegan treats too!

Laura, January 2017

My truly heartfelt thanks for the wonderful Reiki courses, from Reiki level one to RMT. I have been so blessed to find such an inspiring, attentive and thorough teacher in Irene. I thank her so much for all her dedication and her natural, inspiring style. I feel, whilst Reiki level one ignited a spark within me, that particularly since the subsequent levels (but notably RMT), no matter how challenging, or bleak, life situations may seem there is now an ever burning Reiki candle (with a violet flame, of course :-)) to light my life path. Reiki continues to complement my spiritual journey and meditations, and it is my hope to share this with others.

Julia, October 2016

I thought the course was thorough but relaxed enough for it not to be overwhelming and it surpassed my expectations, even though I’m not really sure what I was expecting :) The course book and CDs were informative, easy to follow and understand. I was a bit concerned about how I might manage with ‘homework’ - but actually, the book and CD combination worked perfectly for me. The book is in depth without ’bogging you down’ and getting lost in facts. Very easy to read and as above, very easy to follow. My teacher, Irene Forsyth, was wonderful. Relaxed and easy to listen to. I was a heap of emotional tears after my first empowerment (!) but it was all good - and the group (and Irene) were very supportive and understanding. The Zentist is a lovely shop and space.. if a little intimate. I would 100% recommend this course. Thank you.

Tanya, September 2016

I really can’t think of any way the course could be improved. The materials were fantastic and covered much more than I expected them to. I could tell as soon as I started reading them that I had chosen the right course! Also I want to thank you again for sending them to me online. ⋯ Irene was brilliant, again I can’t think of anything that could have been improved. I felt completely at ease around her and she answered every question as thoroughly as possible. It helped that she was so approachable and easy to talk to. Even since the class we have been in contact and she has helped me get to grips with some of the weird and wonderful effects of reiki! I will definitely be booking on to the second degree class with her soon! Thanks again, the course was top notch!

Robert, April 2016

I just wanted to say thank you with all of my heart for your support and for your wonderful, comprehensive courses, including Reiki 2, today. Irene was, as ever, a professional, sensitive and attentive teacher, supportively providing answers and suggestions to our many questions(!). I came away filled with light and inspiration.

Julia, February 2016

I dropped off my evaluation form ... on Wednesday - all in all I found it an enriching and positive experience . The group gelled quickly and this was facilitated by Irene. The venue was a little too cosy for 6 of us but we made the best of it. I found the course content and supporting manuals and CDs excellent. The concept of pre-course was good thus enabling the focus on the practical on the day worked well. A truly inspiring course that I will progress .

Margaret, East Sussex, February 2016

Thank you to you and to Irene for a very exciting, peaceful and interesting day, which far exceeded my expectations and really brought the home study to life. We had a lovely, friendly group and Irene made us feel immediately at ease with her peaceful, natural and light personality. The surroundings were relaxed and very conducive to our day. Our questions were answered and I left feeling thoroughly inspired. That evening I practiced Reiki on my Nanna and this morning, on my mum:0)

Julia C, February 2016

Had a fantastic day with you on the 18th and met some lovely people. The course was great. I really enjoyed it, lovely atmosphere. I have been doing the Meditation and self healing every day since and am beginning to relax into it. So far I have not had any great clearing or headaches only positive things. Think I had a big shift on the day with the 2nd empowerment..... I have felt calmer and more at ease with myself. I have done the distant empowerment ... given a couple of treatments to my husband... All good really. Thank you again for the wonderful day.

Deb F, from Yorkshire, January 2014

The course manual was very comprehensive and easy to follow. Hard portions were clear and detailed. The day itself was exciting, even exhilerating. Irene is a wonderful teacher, her bubbly, infectious personality and her enthusiasm for her subject, as well as her genuine interest in her students, came over loud and clear. Her teaching was never rushed and her joy when students made progress was delightful. Her preparations were extensive and a wide variety of beverages offered. She also ensured that we drank plenty of (much needed) water! Already Reiki has made a big positive difference in my life, and that of my chronically-ill husband. He is more positive and energised. I would recommend this course, and Irene as a teacher, to anyone, wholeheartedly! Post-course back-up — superb! Roll on Level 2!

Helen M, March 2013

Just thought I’d drop you an email thanking you for the Reiki 1 course September 23rd 2012. The pre-course study pack was very well presented and a great tool to keep referring back to. I felt the pre-course study is a great idea, this way you can study at your own pace and relax and enjoy the practical side of Reiki on the day. I felt the course was excellent value for money. I have to say the Reiki 1 course was very relaxed and you have such a lovely gentle manner Irene, you had time for everyone as an individual. For me personally I found the whole experience amazing I’m so glad I found Reiki it seems to have changed my life, I have so much more strength in my personal life than ever before. Reiki has made me realised what’s important to me and what’s not, I actually feel like i know where I’m going in life now....like i have a purpose! I’m so much more relaxed and have never slept so well in my life . Since the course I have carried out several treatments on friends along with a couple of distant healings, everyone has enjoyed the experience leaving them feeling very relaxed. I’m looking forward to completing Reiki 2 to develop myself further.

Kim C, September 2012

I thought the course [Reiki 1] was very well organized and I liked the approach of having the text and CD beforehand. This gave you the basics so that the focus of the day was discussion and practice. On the day it was great to progress with the energy exercises and empowerments to a full Reiki treatment (it was just as nice to give as to receive!). I was fortunate as the group were very open to sharing their experiences which made for an interesting day! I thought value for money, the teacher and the venue were excellent. I hope to do Reiki 2 in the future.

Charlotte S, September 2011

The day was mind blowing, Irene was once again a delight and a wonderful tutor. She made us feel welcome and spent time with all 3 of us students. The course materials were enjoyable and educational. The day seemed to go so quickly. Reiki has changed me for the better.

Claire S, August 2011

I found that the Deepening Course really did what it said: it deepened my experience of reiki and widened my horizons by showing me even more ways that I could apply the energy in my life. It has really enhanced my self-healing. For the first two weeks since the course, I felt a general sense of dissatisfaction and disenchantment with life, getting easily frustrated. I feel that this is the energy showing me which aspects of my life I need to send more energy to! I trust the energy and know that this phase will pass when I am ready. As a result of taking this course, I am more sensitive to the energy. I already feel that my hands warm up much quicker and are hotter when I do the meditations. With each vowel sound of the kotodama that I pronounce, I feel a difference in my hands. I feel ho on my heart chakra, ku in my solar plexus, e in my throat and i in my third eye! I am much more comfortable when working with intent now. I had never realized how intuitive I could be until I went on this course. It has really boosted my confidence in my ability as a healer and now reiji ho is my preferred method of treating. I also enjoyed the fact that we got to try to see chakras on the day-course. This opened up another avenue of possibility for me as a way that I could be a better healer. Irene was a fantastic teacher, as always. She was so supportive and encouraging to me on the day of the course. Her infectious enthusiasm for all things spiritual was the best thing about the course! Thanks so much.

Amanda S, May 2011

The course was fantastic. I received the course materials well in advance and had time to read and digest the information. I also had time to try and meditate according to the instructions and CD’s. I found this really helpful as I was well prepared for the actual day. Irene was very welcoming and having a small group was a bonus, which meant we had plenty of times for discussion and questions. Having gone through the home study pack, it meant that we could spend more time on the practical and receiving empowerments, and my mind was clear for receiving them. If I had to have the theory on the day, my mind would have been overloaded with information. From the home study pack, I could learn the Daily exercises and self treatments, but it wasnt until my course with Irene where she gave me confidence in what I was doing. She enabled me to clear my mind and become more receptive when carrying out the treatments. She also gave me confidence when working on other people. It has changed me as a person and my husband has noticed I am not as stressed as I used to be. I am looking forward to my second degree course.

Caren F, February 2011

I was very pleased with everything about the course. The home study was excellently put together taking into account that everyone learns differently. The CDs were very clear to understand and made it very easy to work with. My tutor Irene was simply a lovely person and made the day course very enjoyable, so much the time seemed to fly by. She was a excellent tutor and had time to answer any questions we asked, I hope if I go on to do my masters that would be has good as she was. Well I am definitely going on to do my second degree. Thank You

Julie J, September 2010

I found the whole Reiki First Degree course amazingly brilliant; the home study manual and CDs are a really great idea; having time before the live course to take in all the information and being able to really think it through and to be able to practice the Reiki Meditations is fantastic. Having had this information and the experiences, I found the live course with Irene amazing. She was lovely, made us all feel relaxed, treated us as individuals, listened and answered our questions. The whole experience was quite mind blowing and I’m really looking forward to the Second Degree course with Irene, I’m just realising i knew so little about myself and now i have so much to look forward to, being able to help others and ease the suffering of the animals. Reiki has made me feel so much stronger, more positive and has given me the drive to use what I’ve learnt to make a difference!

Annie S, January 2010

I was very happy with the quality of the course manual and the CD. I especially liked the details about setting up your own Reiki practice as I thought they were very helpful. I attended the live 1 day course with Irene Forsyth in York. I found it quite intense, with lots to pack in, but run in a friendly and professional manner. I think Irene is an excellent and approachable teacher who is very experienced in the Reiki field and is very caring of her students. I have found the Reiki Evolution training both in First and Second Degrees, to be excellent in all aspects, and I like the fact that if I need follow-up help or have any questions or concerns, I can still contact both teachers at any time. As such, it feels like I have joined a ‘Reiki Family’!

Jane S, October 2009

I very much enjoyed Reiki 2. Many of the exercises helped deepen my understanding and confidence. ... I feel a definite step forward with Reiki 2. The course, teaching, content and company were all very valuable.

Peter Ellis, May 2009

Overall this course has exceeded my expectations. The course material is well thought out and presented in a user-friendly way. The CD complements the written material, and there is adequate information to prepare the student for the live day course. Irene is a joy to train with! She is so warm and open hearted, ensuring that everybody was made to feel welcome and a valued member of the day. She set the pace well — plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have discussions as necessary — her gentle, yet assertive, method of teaching was, for me, a really positive experience, and it is this that has given me the confidence to treat 4 people (and two goldfish!) since Sunday.

Jacquelyn Templeman, North Yorkshire, April 2009

Thank you once again for another lovely course. I really enjoyed it and found the whole experience uplifting. The course content was excellent, very informative and gave great insight into the precepts and concepts of Reiki, and also the workings of Reiki. I find this beautiful treatment so special because it is for everything and everybody and with it being non invasive, acceptable to each and everyone of us at anytime and anywhere. Thank you immeasurably, Irene.

Val Snowden, Skelton, York, North Yorkshire, June 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was interesting and extremely informative. It definitely met and exceeded my expectations. The manual and CD were extremely helpful, and excellent teaching and reference resource. Irene was a wonderful teacher whose enthusiasm and passion for Reiki transcends to the student. The day was not only educational but also great fun, where the learning environment is calm, friendly and relaxed. I look forward to the Reiki Deepening course in a few months.

Nicole Moore, West Yorkshire, June 2008