Learn Reiki Drum Technique

Why learn Reiki drumming?

A deeply relaxed state is important for health and well being simply done by either receiving a one-to-one drum healing or by learning the Reiki Drum technique. Here the Reiki practitioner draws in the universal life force energy that is all around us and combines it with the Reiki Kotodamas (sacred sounds) and shamanic drumming.

In the world of sound therapy and research, it is believed that human beings all emit certain frequencies and vibrations. Stress and anxiety can slow down and decrease frequency and vibration and the energy flow within our bodies and as a result create blockages within that energy flow. Research has shown that 98 percent of diseases stem from stress.

The drum, when it emits a certain beat, can clear those blockages but most importantly can induce a sense of relaxation and allow our brain waves to relax from a busy, decision-making mode (Beta brain waves) to a calm serene place in your mind which can help one deeply relax, gain clarity, and even increase right brain functions. helps you connect more to your creative solution focused mind and intuition (Alpha brain waves, a meditative state).

Medical and biofeedback research has found that heart beat drumming, at least 15 mins per day, can double alpha brain waves (light meditative state) resulting in reduced levels of stress and increased right brain functions such as creativity, and creative solution focused activities.This occurs when tension and stress is released and occurs when certain frequencies and sounds are experienced.

Drumming workshops

Open to all who have attained Reiki level 2 or above, these practical two -day workshops explore the practices of journeying healing with the drum including for example:

  • Honouring the 7 sacred directions meditation ceremony
  • Reiki drum attunement,
  • Journeying and group drumming sessions to retrieve your voice
  • Journeying and group drumming session to meet your power animal
  • The Reiki drum healing technique
  • Practical healing sessions
  • Mental and emotional reprogramming technique
  • Certificate cermony given at the end of day 2
The course fee is £215 (not including a drum). A course manual is included.

One-to-one Reiki drum training with me is £250 for 2 days (excluding drum).

A deposit of £80 secures your place. The balance is payable no later than the first day of training.

Each course is led by Reiki Master/Teacher, Irene Forsyth.

The workshop schedule is shown below:

Drumming workshop (2 day)15&22 July 2024 [note: 2 day course]£215Pay online

For bookings or more information, either email, or telephone 0794 169 7047. You can pay course fees on-line by credit card. A deposit is required when your course booking is confirmed.

Private tuition is also available for £250.