First Degree (Shoden)
Course Schedule

Please arrive at the tutorial venue between 9:15 am and 9:30 am, for refreshments. We will start the tutorial not later than 10 am and it will finish between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

  • General overview of the tutorial, Introductions
  • Reiju spiritual empowerment (first of three connections to Reiki)
  • Learn to work with the energy: Simple exercises to feel your energy and that of other people
  • Reiju spiritual empowerment (second of three connections to Reiki)
  • Energy exercises: Learn the Japanese ‘Hatsu Rei Ho’ technique
  • Reiju spiritual empowerment (the last of the three connections to Reiki)
  • Self Treatments: Carry out a Japanese self-treatment ‘meditation’, and learn how self- treatments are done.

LUNCH: There will be a break for lunch. Please note that you can:

  • bring a packed lunch with you
  • buy something from nearby shops
  • eat out in one of the nearby cafes

I shall not be providing lunch, but I will be providing mineral water and hot drinks: tea, coffee, herbal teas (and biscuits).

  • Treating Other People: Demonstration and Explanation
  • ‘Scanning’: Practice
  • Treat another student: Practice giving a Full Reiki treatment
  • Be treated by another student (see what it feels like for yourself)
  • Final comments: Distant Healing, treating animals and plants